“Combining the excitement of bouldering with core fitness.”

“A new way to prepare for the physical and mental challenges of adventure.”

“Young people need, now more than ever, a safe way to explore and test their limits.”

Morphus. A challenge for our times

Morphus, The Eternal Adventure™ was born from the lack of compelling activities for our communities to do.

Despite having access to more entertainment and social stimulation than any generation before them, thanks to the web and smartphones, for most people there are less progressive recreation facilities available than ever before.

It’s no surprise that obesity rates and disengagement from society is rising.

This growing problem has been discussed, in the media and in government, for years.

It’s time for a practical, imaginative response to this challenge.

There are no shortcuts

Morphus has come out of The Morphus Foundation, an innovative group of volunteer professionals and public servants developing more sustainable and progressive recreation opportunities for people of all ages (see www.morphusfoundation.org).

It’s the result of a consultation between young people, leading adventure sports athletes and recreation industry experts.

We have created a real, physical solution to the growing needs of communities – which also addresses many of the issues facing the Bodies looking to provide for them.

Morphus – The Eternal Adventure

Morphus gives an industry-leading 18 metres of traverse climbing space, which can be repeated ‘eternally’. 

The arched ladder bar is designed for shuttles, pull up ranges, bungee and gymnastic ring attachments.

Unlike the majority of products available on the market, Morphus is a competitive and progressive adventure training experience.

Please see FAQs for more detail. 


An inclusive community

Morphus is a physical landmark for people of all ages to meet and compete in an accessible and inclusive environment.

The App has a menu of workout routines based on your chosen adventure sport and a video platform for people all over the world to upload and compare styles and techniques.

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What Morphus does


It creates an engaging, inclusive and progressive adventure training experience for teenagers and young adults in a safe environment.


It’s engineered using the best materials and processes available, to be long-lasting, beautiful and easy to maintain.


Its compact design is easy to install, and modules can be put together in combination to provide greater challenges and to cater for larger numbers.


It’s been designed to fit in with the requirements for available grants, and to comply with government and local authority initiatives.

The challenge starts now

To make a difference to young people in your area please call us on

020 7998 1500

or email us at

Morphus is partnered with The Prince’s Trust and is involving young people throughout the product experience. From design to community training, we are committed to youth development.